“I give all my students a step by step plan that allows them to improve progressively at their own pace”

Jérôme Theunis is the lead instructor of the Hulencourt Golf Academy.

At the Hulencourt Golf Academy by Jérôme Theunis, our mission is to provide students of all levels with high quality teaching offered by the best teachers in Belgium, full sporting facilities and state-of-the-art technology, service and guidance that are beyond reproach, as well as the guarantee of progress and results based on a training programme adapted to each player.

As a member of the Academy, you are coached and guided by the team of Jérôme Theunis, lead intructor at Golf d’Hulencourt since 2013 and coach of the best players from Belgium, including Nicolas Colsaerts, Thomas Pieters and Thomas Detry.

To perfect your game under the best conditions, you have the use of full and modern facilities. The Academy guarantees you a five star service and a fast response to all your questions and requests. In addition, you receive a full programme of courses, group classes and stays abroad, especially designed for and reserved for the Academy. Click here to discover our main packages.

The Hulencourt Golf Academy by Jérôme Theunis also guides young golfers in a healthy environment and gives them all the tools and advice they need to make good progress.


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